Maria develops a personal relationship with each of her clients, and is invested in their success as artists and as human beings. In order to provide such individual attention Maria is selectively taking on coaching clients and offering support in the following areas:

Audition Prep

Maria will work with you on your upcoming audition to hone your choices for the camera. She'll provide insights into what casting, directors and studio executives may be looking for so that you can be confident delivering your strongest take in the audition and take adjustments on the fly. Audition Prep includes all questions, from wardrobe to script analysis to props and everything in between.

Audition Prep can be offered in-person and over Skype / FaceTime.


As in audition-prep, Maria will work with you on your scenes to make a strong tape. Tapes are shot in HD with professional lighting and sound on a black, gray or blue background. Maria will edit and upload your tape to Dropbox in a timely manner and send you a link to your scenes along with her professional opinion on which takes are the strongest.

Between-Audition Practice

Maria will work with you on practice scenes on camera, pointing out important beats, how to develop relationships between the characters in the scene, and help to identify pacing and tone using TV sides from shows she has helped cast. At the end of the session Maria will provide you with a Dropbox link to your scenes and her professional opinion on which takes are the strongest.


When you need an objective industry perspective, or just to ask the questions you've always been afraid to ask, Maria is available for private Career Consultation sessions. Discussing everything from understanding your type, headshot selection, agent and manager relationships, how to present yourself in auditions and industry meetings, and everything in between, Maria will guide you to the tools you need to present your best self. *NOTE - Career Consultations are not available during pilot season (end of Jan-mid-March).

Booked It

When you've booked the role and want to develop the character before you show up on set, or when you want to be able to deliver 19 different takes for your director honestly and easily. Maria will assist in script analysis, rehearsal time, character research and help you develop your choices so that every adjustment feels rooted in truth. When helpful, she can put you in touch with professionals in the fields most relevant to your character and help you come up with pertinent discussion topics so that you might apply that information to the character you are creating.

...AND Between Sessions

Between coaching sessions Maria is available to her clients to answer questions big and small - from choosing new headshots to deciding what to wear to an audition, whether to take this job over the next and how to talk to your agent. She is reachable via email and cell and will always respond to clients in a timely manner.

Please use the contact page for rates and additional information.

Cancellation Policy

It is understood that, as an actor, your schedule is often not your own. Jobs and auditions will come up at the last minute and you will occasionally need to reschedule an appointment. Whenever possible, please give 24-hour notice for any cancellations. If it is within 24 hours of your appointment and you are able to reschedule there will be no penalty or cancellation fee. However, if you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice and are unable to reschedule, you will be charged 50% of the agreed rate. If you are able to reschedule again at a later date that 50% will be applied towards your next session.