Classes below can be offered as a single 2-3 hour workshop, half-day or full-day master class, or a multi-week curriculum covering multiple topics and giving students ample opportunity for individual instruction and feedback.

Auditioning for the Camera

In Auditioning for the Camera Maria covers the fundamentals of auditioning for TV: where to find auditions and how to best present yourself in the audition room, on-camera technique (including eye lines, props, how to connect with your reader, wardrobe, and memorization), headshots and resumes, and the difference between an Under 5, Co-Star, Guest Star, or a Series Regular audition. This class can be tailored for beginner and advanced acting classes alike.

Depending on the length of the workshop Maria can also assign sides and work with each student individually in a true mock-audition setup. After the class she will provide students with a tape of their audition for review.

Choosing Your Type

Why are there so many talented, non-working actors? Conservatories and graduate programs are a great place for actors to grow and learn, but after training how do you apply those tools to book the right role for you? In this class Maria delves into the importance of knowing your type and how to match your skills to your look and increase your chances of booking the role.

With honest feedback and lively discussion Maria will review headshots and help actors narrow in on the roles upon which they should be focusing.

The Business of Acting

What is the role of the Casting Director, Producer, Director, Showrunner, Executive Producer, Studio or Network? Who are the major studios and networks, and how should you tailor your audition based on who your audition is for? What trades are valuable tools and how do you spot a scam? Do you need an Agent or a Manager, will you be better served at a large bicoastal agency or a smaller boutique, and what can you do without representation?

In this class Maria will also explain the process after the final callback – screen tests and contract points (holds, billing, trailers, travel or relocation stipend and social media obligations), table reads and upfronts.

Taking Control of Your Career

Actors spend so much time and energy trying to get an agent, but it’s much more important to find the right agent. What should you look for in an agent, and how do you find someone who is as passionate about your career as you are? How do you help your agent work for you and when is it time to move on?

How do you build relationships without appearing desperate? In this class we will also discuss knowing what type of roles you’re ready for and how to prepare for Pilot Season. Depending on the length of the workshop Maria can also invite industry guests for Q&A.

Showcase Prep

After years spent studying their craft, actors who have the opportunity to Showcase get 3-5 minutes to share their talents with industry professionals. How do you choose the best scene, what should you wear, and how can you best present yourself to the professional community? What are generals, who are they with and what are they for?

For more extensive preparation Maria can also serve as a Showcase Consultant, guiding students throughout the semester from scene selection to wardrobe and everything in between. As Showcase Consultant she will also run one-on- one mock Generals so students can prepare for life after showcase.

The Role of a Casting Director

This class is tailored for acting students and film students alike. What is a Casting Director’s role in your career? For actors, how is the Casting Director your advocate and how can you help them work for you?

As film majors, when should you hire a Casting Director and what should you expect? How does the Casting Director complete your vision and bridge the communication gap between director and actor?

For a full 14 week curriculum, please contact Maria.